Explore the beauty of lombok

Located just east of Bali, Lombok in many ways lives up to or exceeds the promotional term, “an unspoiled Bali”. Lombok – an island east of Bali, but less famous than its neighbor.

Lombok offers many empty and often isolated dream beaches, friendly and interesting people, tasty food and fantastic nature. With beautiful beaches, enchanting waterfalls, and the large, looming volcano of Mount Rinjani combined with relatively few tourists.

Calling Lombok paradise does not mean it is all things for all people. With a few exceptions, the natural landscape and the traditional way of life have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Virtually all small to medium size businesses are run by local families.
Lombok is worth visiting due to its various amazing sights & spots.

Everything we do and show in this site is about tourism, and tourism only. Looking at the beauty of the island, we hope to grow the tourism further while persisting and insist on keeping things ecological. Let’s enjoy what nature had given us in this beautiful tropical island.

We are trying our best to give you the most detailed, informative reviews about Lombok island, with doing so we hope that you can grasp the tourism condition of the island and pique your interests to try and experience this untouched beauty, this will help to grow the local economy and open up yet to discover tourism potentials.

As tourism change and grow overtime, we continuously look for the latest news about what’s happening in Lombok and what you should be aware of before coming as travelers, please look forward to the blog posts!

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While every year millions of tourists are attracted to Bali, many places on Lombok are still untouched. Lombok is indeed the paradisiacal tropical island that many people still mistakenly imagine Bali to be now.
Definitely plan a couple of days to stay in for Lombok.
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