5 Hidden Gems What Worth to Visit

Are you looking for hidden gems in Lombok, undiscovered and away from tourists? Here is some amazing place for you!

  • Bangkang Cave

One of the hidden natural attractions is the breathtaking Bangkang cave. This hundred-years-old cave is located in a small village – around a 10-minute drive from Kuta –  that remains unexplored by tourists. This cave is also home to thousands of bats. The best time to visit is before sunset, you can witness the spectacular occurrence of thousands of bats leaving their nest and flying out of the cave at dusk.

Heading down to Bangkang Cave (Photo via https://wanderersandwarriors.com/)
  • Tetebatu Ricefield 

Tetebatu is a lovely mountain village, 700m above sea level. Visit Tetebatu where you are likely to spend some quiet days amidst lush green nature, rice terraces and paddies as well as a magical mountain panorama with a view at the Rinjani Volcano. Located in East Lombok.

Tetebatu Ricefield (Photo via Instagram/britta_brecht)
  • Mangku Kodek Waterfall

Mangku Kodek waterfall is located at Sajang Village, in the district of Sembalun. This waterfall is in the area of Mount Rinjani National Park. It takes more or less 3 hours driving from Mataram. There is also another waterfall in the same location, which is called Mangku Sakti. The flow of water so clean drains in the middle of a huge rock that surrounds this place. The color of the water is magical and the cliffs which form the atmosphere here became epic! The deeper we go in the more amazed to see a small waterfall flowing from the top of the rock to form a small pool below, feels just like waterfalls and natural pools.

Mangku Kodek Waterfall (Photo via Instagram/justdewa_)
  • Batu Rudal Beach 

The amazing natural pool at Batu Rudal Beach located in Mekar Sari Village, Central Lombok. The scenery is beautiful, and all the coral reefs in this place really have a very stunning shape.  

Batu Rudal Beach (Photo via Instagram/indarcahyadi)
  • Batu Janggot Waterfall

Lombok is the paradise of tourism, there is so many wonderful places. The exotic Batu Janggot Waterfall located in the village of Aiq Berik, North Batukliang District, Central Lombok Regency. This waterfall is about 45 km from the city of Mataram.

Batu Janggot Waterfall (Photo via Instagram/simaun)

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