7 Days Travel Plan

Feeling overwhelmed by which places to visit in Lombok if you have only a week there? We prepared you a travel plan for a great stay of 7 days in Lombok Island.

Gili Islands: Days 1-2

The three tiny Gili Islands just off the Northwest coast of Lombok, fringed by turquoise waters and coral reefs, are among the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. There are beach bars and clubs if you want them, but there are also quiet spots to lie on the sand and watch the turquoise water lap the shore. You can go snorkelling right from the beach at all three Gili Islands. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air have great chances to spot sea turtles and here are the famous underwater statues.

Gili Trawangan (Photo via Instagram/bookphilicscientist)

Mount Rinjani: Days 3-5

Rinjani Mountain with an elevation of 3,726m above sea level, it’s the second highest peak in Indonesia. The trip up Rinjani is definitely challenging, but the reward is something next level, for both the eyes and the soul. From the top, you can see the sunrise over the entire island of Lombok, lighting up the gorgeous crater lake below, as well as the neighboring scattered along Indonesian islands Ring of Fire. You can start your trek from Sembalun or Senaru village. There are many adventure packages, the most famous, the 3-days trip. Although some avid hikers try to hike Rinjani by themselves, it’s highly recommended to organize the trek with guides.

Rinjani Mountain (Photo via https//jonnymelon.com/)

Kuta: Days 6-7

Kuta Lombok is the one of the tourist hub of the island. Located in the South of Lombok. It offers breathtakingly beautiful white sand beaches, magical hills as well and lots of accommodations and restaurants. From here you can explore the dream beaches of Mawun, Tanjung Aan and Selong Belanak. South-Lombok is a famous surfing spot with many cool beach to choose from. If you’re not already a surfer, Kuta area is a perfect place to take some lessons and have a lot of fun. Or if you’re a seasoned pro then you’ll be looking to head out west to Mawi Beach. Kuta also has many local cultures and traditions which are still practiced there today.

Selong Belanak Beach (Photo via http://travellovingteacher.com/)

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