How to get there

Essentially you have two main choices for your travels from Bali to Lombok. You can either choose to take a quick 25 min flight to the International Airport which is located in the center of Lombok island or you could choose to enjoy a longer yet more adventurous transport by speed boats or public ferry cruise ship.

Of course there are pro and cons for each mode of transportation available, you would have to choose wisely and see which is more suitable to your style of travels.


Of course there are pro and cons for each mode of transportation available, you would have to choose wisely and see which is more suitable to your style of travels.


The easiest and fastest way to get from Bali to Lombok (and vice versa from Lombok to Bali) is via a quick flight!  Flights departs from Ngurah Rai (Denpasar) domestic airport and arrives at Lombok international airport.

Lombok International Airport (Bandara International Lombok) commonly abbreviated to BIL, with IATA code LOP is the only airport on Lombok. 

Airplane Flight
Pros & Cons

PRO Depends on your desired places to visit, Flying to Lombok is usually the preferred mode of transportation if you’re trying to get to the southern part of the island, beautiful beaches and underpopulated surfing spots, as there are still not so many speed boats going from Bali directly to south part of Lombok, except the 4+ hours of ferry cruise straight to Lembar port.
International direct flights are also available from Singapore(SIN), Malaysia(KUL) and Australia(PER)!

CON this option might end up costly as you will need to pay extra car transport from the airport to your destination as there are currently no scooter rental services nearby the airport.
Domestic flight from Bali to Lombok costs from $15 to $30, while the cheapest flights often have some flight delays issue, they are still a viable option for budget travelers and backpackers.
Please also note that tickets from a certain airline does not include a luggage fee and you will have to pay quite a bit of extra for your belongings (eg: surfing boards)! Be sure to check your itinerary tickets before your travel.

 The airport is located in Praya city, approximately 40 km south of Mataram, the Capital city of West Nusa Tenggara Province, and around 1 hour drive from Senggigi and 25 minutes from Kuta and Mandalika Special Tourism Area.

*Operational domestic airlines from and to Lombok Airport

*Lombok International Airport flight routes.                    

Boats & Ferries
Pros & Cons

PRO For the adventurous, the breeze of the open ocean the wonderful landscape and all the photographic scene you can capture while on board the boat/cruise ship is the obvious reasons to pick travel by sea. Don’t forget that you can socialize and meet new people on board, chat and laugh and have fun as some speed boat also offers drink options such as beers.
Speed boats are preferred when you are planning to go to north parts of Lombok (Gili Islands, Senggigi, Mataram.)
Speed boat tickets from Bali to North Lombok varies from $15 to $25 depending on the carrier company and boating routes. 
As they’re called speed boat, they are relatively fast, according to the routes and weather conditions, 1 to 2 hours are usually enough to get you to Lombok from Bali!

Boarding the Ferry from Bali, although takes time and sometimes some of the Ferries are not the tidiest nor the cleanest transport, they have they own purpose and things you can enjoy:
Public Ferries are cheap, one adult ticket costs $3, children $2, and if you bring your scooter with you, it’s $9 per bike(already including up to 2 persons passenger ticket) and you can share the cost making it only $4,5 per person.
On the way from Padangbai to Lembar seaport, you might spot some dolphins swimming around in groups, a marvelous sight!
Blend with the locals – many locals use this mode of transportation, boarding one let you know more about the culture and the people, which is also an essential aspect of traveling 😉
P.S.: If you bought and is using Indonesian phone numbers, most providers do have reception in the whole cruise, keeping you connected!

CON Seasickness is a thing and speed boats goes very fast splitting waves and sea currents, shaking the boat very often, it’s not for everyone.
As plane flights transports you to the center of the island, speed boat routes are mostly to northern side of Lombok, which makes it not the ideal option for surfers given most surfing points are mostly scattered in the southern beaches.

Ferry took a much longer travel time, which is also an adventure in itself, some people can’t have their time taken on transports, especially those who came during their precious short holidays. Check detailed transport time by routes in the map below!

*Sea transport options and duration from Bali to Lombok routes.