Basic Indonesian Words for Your Travel

Here is some easy Indonesian phrases to enrich your traveling experience. With a little practice, you will impress locals in no time.

More than 700 living languages are spoken in Indonesia. The Sasak language is spoken by the Sasak ethnic group, which make up the majority of the population of Lombok in Indonesia, but the main language spoken on Lombok is Bahasa Indonesia.

Don’t speak Bahasa?  No problem, English is widely spoken all over Lombok, though the quality is sometimes less than perfect, but we all start somewhere. 🙂 The eastern and northern sides of Lombok have less tourist visitors, and finding someone fluent in English is more difficult.

Many travellers have a bucket list of must-visit attractions, local food, and indigenous experiences to try before they visit Indonesia. But your preparation is not complete without these basic Indonesian phrases to help you along your travels. Learning these basic Bahasa Indonesia phrases is not only for practicality, it also shows your genuine interest and respect for local people.

We prepared for you some essential phrases you’ll need in Lombok.

Greetings / Basic:

  • Selamat pagi: Good morning
  • Selamat siang: Good afternoon
  • Selamat sore: Good evening
  • Selamat malam: Good night
  • Selamat datang: Welcome
  • Sampai jumpa lagi: See you again
  • Apa kabar?: How are you? – Kabar baik: I’m good
  • Terima kasih: Thank you – Sama sama: You are welcome
  • Maaf: Sorry – Tidak apa apa: No worries
  • Ia / Tidak: Yes / No
  • Ada/Tidak ada: There is/There is not
  • Permisi: Excuse me
  • Hati hati: Be careful
  • Bagus: Great
  • Nama saya … : My name is …
  • Siapa nama anda?: What is your name?


  • Makan: Eat
  • Minum: Drink
  • Sarapan: Breakfast
  • Makan siang: Lunch
  • Makan malam: Dinner
  • Selamat makan: Enjoy your meal
  • Enak: Delicious
  • Pedas: Spicy
  • Nasi: Rice
  • Daging: Meat
  • Sayur: Vegetable


  • Toko: Shop
  • Pasar: Market
  • Uang: Money
  • Beli: To buy
  • Berapa harganya?: How much is it?
  • Murah: Cheap
  • Mahal: Expensive


  • Di sini: Here
  • Di sana: There
  • Dekat: Near
  • Jauh: Far
  • Mau kemana?: Where do you want to go?
  • Saya mau ke … : I want to go to … 
  • Pom bensin: Petrol station


  • Buka/Tutup: Open/Closed
  • Masuk/Keluar: Entrance/Exit
  • Dilarang merokok: No smoking
  • Informasi: Information
  • Kota: City
  • Desa: Village

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