Rafting In Lombok

All your imagination about Lombok doesn’t have to be stuck to the beach, because adventure awaits you in this paradise. Lets get Wet and Test your adrenaline. Book your slots, grab the paddle, and be ready for the adventure together with your friends or family and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the river.

Lombok travel packages Rafting or whitewater rafting is a travel package to push your adrenaline with very high challenge levels, some of our appreciation of the guests who feel very proud and enthusiastic to keep doing with the flow of water filled with tough challenges.

Mencerit River, Pringgasela

Mencerit River is located in Pringgasela village in East Lombok. In this area you can try to challenge rafting which the water flowed down from Mt. Rinjani itself, a very refreshing and fun experience.

Lombok Rafting

Lombok Rafting is among the first ever rafting establishment created in Lombok, Lombok Rafting also is also still considered the longest and most beautiful rafting experience in Lombok. It is located in Batu Mekar Village in Lingsar area, West Lombok, also located nearby the durian market in Karang Bayan, they open everyday for you to enjoy rafting from 8AM to 5PM, and costs around $30 per pax.

Kerujuk Ecotourism

In Kerujuk village in North Lombok, there is a whitewater rafting that is relatively new yet prosper with customers called Kerujuk ecotourism. Kerujuk is popular because of the beautiful views of rice paddies as you paddle and the area is still green and naturally conserved. Not only that, you can enjoy this activity for 50K rupiah or around $4.

Kolam Taufik, Lingsar

Kolam Taufik in Lingsar. West Lombok just outside of Mataram capital city is also an affordable rafting option you can choose, this activity cost no more than $7 and it’s definitely worth the price, suitable for beginners and the experienced alike.

Benang Stokel Whitewater Rafting

Benang Stokel is the name of the waterfall that started this river, it is just below Mt. Rinjani so the water current is pretty strong, perfect for somebody who’s in for a challenge. There is a agency that you can go to if you want to experience this activity, they also offer all the equipments, lunch, and also the transport from you hotel as it is pretty far into the mountain, the strong river current continues on pretty far, you will enjoy this experience for a couple hours.

Wisata Sungai Jangkok

The Jangkok river inside Mataram is also an option for a rafting experience, although located inside the city, the current is very strong, there are several points on the way that’s thrilling as the river is pretty deep empties its current into Ampenan beach, floating on a deep river means even a short fall can shake your raft a lot, look forward to those!

Tatsura River Tubing

Like rafting, river tubing is also a fun experience as you slide with your personal float and protective gear, for those who are afraid of being alone on a solitary float, you can also connect your float with the others before or after you, keeping you safe and together. There are also guides and lifeguards along the way to assure your safety. This river tubing activity is one called Tatsura river tubing in central Lombok, just under Mt. Rinjani.