Waterfalls In Lombok

Lombok island still has few other secrets just waiting to be uncovered. Many who come to the island fail to realize that Lombok hides some of the best tranquil waterfalls in the archipelago. Exploring waterfalls is the next best thing – not to mention safer – to exploring a jungle. The journey to a waterfall usually consists of a trek in the forest, best led by an experienced guide, that ends in a sight and sensation so fantastic the exhausting trip would be totally worth it.

Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu Waterfalls

This is another cascade pair you must see when you visit Lombok. Situated in Central Lombok regency, just a one and a half hour’s drive from Senggigi beach, Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu are waterfalls located only around one kilometer apart from each other. The unique must-see quality of these falls is that instead of being greeted by a sight of water pouring from a cliff passing through jagged rocks, you will see fascinating views of water flowing down among lush plants.

Tiu Pupus Waterfall

We don’t hear many people mention Tiu Pupus when speaking about Lombok waterfalls, which is strange because it’s a beautiful spot! To get to to Tiu Pupus waterfall, it’s a short, flat hike along a trail from the carpark, past a small river and to onto Pupus. Since it had rained the night before we visited, the fall was pumping and it made a perfect backdrop for photos.

Air Terjun Jeruk manis

Here is another one of Lombok’s waterfalls believed to have special magical properties. Locals believe the cascade located on the foot of Mount Rinjani to the south of the Mount Rinjani National Park can heal various types of diseases and nourish the hair. Yes, locals believe that washing your hair in its waters will cure you from baldness or help you maintain your full lustrous locks.

Air Terjun Tiu Kelep & Sendang Gile

Tiu Kelep is the most famous waterfall on Lombok. From Sendang Gile you follow the river for fifteen minutes, often walking through the water and making several crossings along the way. You will arrive in an incredible amphitheater with mist blowing everywhere. It is one of the most magical place. Waterfalls pour out of the wall and then a huge diagonal gushing flow pours down with extreme force over the top of them all. Be careful swimming beneath the falls as some people have gotten into trouble being sucked into the extreme pull of the waterfall impact zone.

Air Terjun Pantai Nambung

Nambung beach is one of the new tourist destination on Lombok island, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), precisely in Nambung, Pengantap Village, Senggigi district, West Lombok, or about 60 kilometers from Mataram city. Nambung beach is a marine tourism which is still relatively virgin because the beach was still awake it natural beauty and untouched by the accommodation like another famous beach area in Lombok Island.

Nambung Beach offers the beautiful views of the white sand shaped like a pepper and became one of the main attractions of the coast. In addition, at the end of this shoreline you can find a rock cliff underneath there is a small pond. When the seawater slammed the cliff, the sea water will fall and look like a waterfall, you can swim in the pool under the waterfall. To reach the cliff, you have to walk through a beautiful white sand beach while enjoying the sea breeze and waves that look like chasing each other.